Finally finished the banner image for Facebook and Twitter.  It also gave me some practice with backgrounds.  

Over all I'm happy with how it turned out.  It was a great learning experience.  I need to focus more on backgrounds.  I drew the character and the background separately and I feel like that was a mistake.  I should have drawn them together to get a better sense of composition and over all lighting.  This is good though, because it taught me a lot.  

Now at least my social media pages look more complete.  Now I just need to continue to add content to them.   That is the easy part.  I just have to post about drawing/writing!



I'm liking what I'm doing with my new tablet.  I've definitely picked up the pace on getting things done.  Now I have to get past this experimenting, tentative phase with coloring and onto the confidant one.  Either way I'm getting stuff done.  The colors on Sam for the banner image is done.  I definitely need to get used to doing metals. I've uploaded the image as is to the gallery.  I am now onto the background with I've already finished drawing and inking, it just needs colors.

Sam Vila, waiting to be jumping through an alley as opposed to an empty void.


I'm really happy drawing.  The time flies.  And I get to see what Is in my brain grow into a reality before me.  Which is awesome.  All I want to do is draw, and while I'm at work all I think about is when do I get to go home and draw.


Not much to post here on the comic besides finalizing Sam's colors.  Work has been stressful and free time has been limited.  Hopefully soon I can nail out an overall plot and start fleshing out the supporting cast.


.new treasure

My Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 arrived.  It took almost a week to arrive after I decided to upgrade shipping, but that was UPS's fault.  So far I like it.  It is definitely bigger and chunkier than I expected and the screen to product size ratio isn't the best.  It is definitely powerful though, things are smooth and do not feel sluggish.  Installing updates, Manga Studio, and Photoshop took far less time than I expected.  As far as tablet/laptop device it is quite good.  As a Wacom Cintiq it is a little less good.  Getting it set up was more difficult than it should have been and without any decent documentation to help.  I believe that I've fixed most issues I've had.  The remaining ones I believe can be fixed with a smile hardware tweak.


I like to, and want to draw more.  Life makes it hard, though.  Between work, and social obligations there is precious little time available.   Free time is not free.


Now that I have the Cintiq, I definitely feel a good amount of improvement.  Being able to draw on my screen like I would paper lets me be so much more precise.  I'm spending less time undoing and erasing, so I am getting more done quicker.  In a short couple hours I've sketched out, refined, and started inking a dynamic action pose for Sam Vila.  I intend to color it and use it for banners on the Chuck Comics Facebook Page and Twitter Page.  It gives me an idea what kind of flow that Sam should have in the comic.  Pretty much all free time at this point is going to be devoted to developing and refining the plot, world, and characters.  I'm very excited!

.the beginning


Website.  Check.
Domain Name. Check.
Email. Check.
Facebook Page.  Check (ish).
Content.  Coming soon.

This is the beginning of something that I hope is defining in my life.  This is the center of where things will happen.  This is where I will be posting all of my art, announcing things, and (in general) keeping things up to date.  


Overall things have been going well.  Drawing a lot lately, constantly improving and learning because so.  Discovering my style in coloring right now, then hoping to move on to more character concepts and to writing.  Ordered a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.  I'm hoping to do more drawing, and being tethered to my computer is a hindrance.   I also feel like it will be a step up from my Intuos  in terms of precision.  The Intuos is fantastic for sketching, roughs, and pencil work, but for inks and and colors I need to be able to see exactly where my pen is and where it is going, I am loosing too much time erasing and refining.


Still currently untitled.  The world needs fleshing out as do the characters. The concept is solid, as is the main character.  I have a general idea of the plot, I will be nailing that down first before moving on to any more  writing, particularly in world building and any fleshing out.  The biggest trap is to just start going and have no idea where you are headed.  The main character design is done.  I'm happy with it.  It is the correct amount of sass, spunk, and stern.  I like where I have her powers, I need to define how some of them visually work, and her limits.  Brandon Sanderson's multitude of magic systems work because the second rule essentially is Limitations > Powers.  Characters are interesting because of what they are not capable of and how to overcome those limitations.  I feel like that is really important for what my characters have to be.